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Entrepreneur visa UK
If you are planning to start a business in England, you can obtain the citizenship of this European country through the UK Entrepreneurship Visa. One of the ways to legally immigrate to England is to get business visas, which since 2019, with the approval of new laws, has provided new opportunities such as entrepreneurial visas for those interested in this field. To get this visa, you need an innovative idea and solution that has not yet been presented in the UK market. You need to know that you have to start a new activity and you cannot join an existing business and naturally your idea must be able to develop and generate income.
The first step on the way to get a UK entrepreneurship visa is to design and prepare a business plan. In the second step, the Business Plan must be accepted and registered by an organization approved by the UK Immigration Office.
Joining the family to the UK entrepreneur visa or innovator Visa
Your family members, including your spouse and children (under 18 years old), will receive the accompanying UK visa at the same time as you and will enjoy all its benefits.
Financial resources for the family
To prove financial ability, you will need to deposit an amount of 1021 pounds per family member in a savings account in Iran.
The possibility of obtaining a UK entrepreneurial visa as a group
You can apply for a UK entrepreneur visa with several people under a business plan, but getting a visa requires an investment of 50,000 pounds by each person on the plan.
The conditions of a business plan or Business Plan to receive a UK entrepreneurship visa
A good plan should have innovative and unique business ideas that meet new or existing needs in the market or create a competitive advantage in the market. Also, a business plan should have the capacity and the possibility of continuity to increase the profitability and success of the business with the sufficient skill and knowledge provided by its creator. A business plan must have a planned structure that shows that this plan will have the potential to create jobs and grow in domestic and international markets.

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Entrepreneur visa

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